Guide to Perio Protect

What is Perio Protect?

Perio protect is an innovative form of gum disease treatment which is now available in the UK. It is a non-surgical approach to the issue of periodontal disease and is customised to an individual patient's needs.

It consists of a set of customised trays containing prescribed medications which are worn over the teeth. These trays enable anti-bacterial agents to reach and treat infections in pockets between teeth and gums.

This guide is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about the perio protect system; is thinking about having this treatment or knows someone who has undergone this treatment.

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But what is Perio Protect?

The answer to that and any other questions can be found in this complete guide to perio protect. This guide contains a wide range of information about this new form of periodontal treatment which is arranged in a logical, easy to understand structure.

This guide is structured as follows:

Browse through any of these sections to find out more about perio protect.

An educational look at Perio Protect

This guide aims to inform and educate you about perio protect so that you have a greater understanding of this product and how it can benefit you.

Find out more in our what is perio protect? section.

Suitable candidates for Perio Protect

Many patients have tried perio protect and are happy with the results. But can anyone have perio protect?

This can only be answered by your dentist who will determine if you are suitable for this course of treatment.

Find out more in our am I suitable for perio protect? section.

An easy to use, convenient form of treatment

Perio protect is a quick, painless and easy to use treatment which can be used at home. It is customised to your own individual needs and acts in both an efficient and effective manner.

The speed of this procedure is matched by the results: many patients report a very good response to this treatment in a short space of time.

It provides a practical solution to the problem of gum disease and can be used by anyone, young and old alike.

Perio protect is a long term answer to the issue of periodontal gum disease.

Find out more in our perio protect treatment section.

Reduces the risk of gum disease

There are several benefits of perio protect which include dealing with infection, eliminating bad breath and restoring your gums back to health.

But one of the biggest benefits is that of reducing the risk of gum disease.

Find out more in our benefits of perio protect section.

Cost effective form of treatment

Dental treatment can be expensive but in many cases this can be a cheaper alternative to periodiontal surgery.

Find out more in our costs of perio protect section.

Answer any questions about perio protect

We have included the ever popular FAQs section in this guide. If you have an urgent question about perio protect or are simply curious about what people ask then visit this section.

Find out more in our perio protect FAQs section.

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Guide to Perio Protect

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