Perio Protect Treatment

This section discusses how perio protect works and the role you play in helping to maintain the results.

This is an important aspect of this process: you need to keep using the trays on a regular basis to prevent any re-occurrence of an infection. Plus doing so will reduce your risk of developing gum disease now or in the future. Think of perio protect as a form of ongoing maintenance for your teeth.

What does the treatment entail?

Your first step is to visit your dentist or a dental clinic which includes perio protect amongst its services. The dentist will assess your teeth and if he/she thinks you are suitable will ask you to sign a consent form agreeing to this treatment. This treatment is not available on the NHS which means you will have to pay for it at a private clinic. Find out more about this in our costs of perio protect section.

The process

Once you have consented to treatment a date and time will be arranged for this. At the initial consultation the dentist will devise a treatment plan for you. This may include a manual clean of your teeth, e.g. a scale and polish before proceeding with perio protect.

He or she will take measurements of your teeth which are then sent in the form of an 'impression' away to a dental laboratory. This lab will use this to produce your prescription trays which are designed for your individual needs only. These trays are made of a soft, flexible material which varies in height, width and extensions in order to accommodate the seal. This seal is the most important aspect of these trays as it enables the anti-bacterial medication to reach the infected area. This seal also helps to keep the tray in place long enough to act upon the bacteria causing the infection and to prevent it from spreading. It fits snugly over your teeth whilst ensuring that a channel is left open along your gum line: this allows the medication solution to flow through it to the site of the infection.

The idea behind this is that the medication solution will enable your gums to heal as well as stopping any new growth of bacteria in the gingival sulcus (pocket between the gum tissue and teeth).

This medication looks similar to toothpaste or a gel and works up and below the gum line.

It is recommended that you wear these trays - with the medication solution for 2 to 3 times a day. Wear these for a period of 10 minutes at a time.

A good way of doing this is to pop a tray into your mouth first thing in the morning and repeat this last thing at night. Do this before you go to work, take the children to school, shopping etc which removes the need for you to wear them in public.

The period and number of times you wear these trays will change once your gums have started to heal.

This treatment consists of 'start up'trays followed by additional trays plus a comprehensive oral clean. Use perio protect as part of your normal dental routine which means brushing and flossing after meals and reducing your consumption of sugary foods.

If you have periodontal disease then you will require a more intensive course of cleaning as well as using perio protect. Your dentist will advise you further about this.

Your dentist will monitor your progress via regular check ups.

Following the treatment plan

It is important that you do this so as to ensure that you get the very best results from perio protect. Many patients are pleased with the results and consider perio protect to be an effective form of treatment for gum disease.

But, in order to achieve these results, make sure that you wear the trays for the length of time stipulated. Those people that do find that they keep gum disease at bay but those who don't are faced with a constant struggle.

What has been noticed is that those people who wear the trays twice a day get great results and this is consistent across the board.

Are you a smoker? If you are then you will find that you will wait longer for the results than a non-smoker. This is due to the fact that wounds and other similar conditions take longer to heal.

But you will still get the results albeit at a later stage. Perio protect will still tackle the infection and offer the same protection against gum disease as for a non-smoker. But it is something to be aware of if you are considering this treatment. It may also be a good reason to give up smoking.

Guide to Perio Protect

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