A Guide to CEREC Dentistry

CEREC is a highly innovative system which is able to produce a ceramic veneer, crown, inlay or onlay in a complete session.

Where this differs from other forms of treatment is that the patient can have their crown, or veneer, designed, created and fitted – all in the one visit!

The traditional approach involves two stages: the diagnostics in the first stage followed by the actual fitting of a crown, or veneer in the second stage. This usually means a wait of two weeks in between.

However, this system combines all of that into a single visit which saves time and money. If you need a new replacement tooth or ‘restoration’ then consider the CEREC system.

‘What is CEREC?’ ‘Is CEREC more expensive than conventional treatment?’ ‘How does it work?’ These are just a few questions patients have regarding this cutting edge system

What is the CEREC system?

CEREC is a revolutionary new system, pioneered by Sirona Dental Systems UK. This technological system consists of a computerised design unit with state of the art software and a milling machine.

The design unit enables the dentist to take a 3D image of your tooth which is then used as a template for the restoration.

The dentist then uses the milling machine, which creates your restoration from a high quality ceramic block.

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