How does the cost of CEREC compare to conventional treatments?

You may assume that CEREC will be more expensive than conventional treatment as it involves state of the art technology not to mention the convenience.

But, CEREC can cost around the same or a little bit more than conventional treatment. Why is this? For a start there is no dental laboratory fee: with the conventional method this involves the fabrication of your restoration at a laboratory which costs in terms of time and money.

Secondly, it means only one visit to the dentist rather than the cost of two visits.

And, thirdly, you don’t need to wear a temporary restoration whilst waiting for your new tooth to be made.

As a rough guide, a CEREC crown can start from £380 up to £700 for a single tooth, which compares very favourably with the standard procedure.

If cost is an issue then you will find that many dentists offer a finance scheme which can help to spread out the cost of your treatment.

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