Cost of Perio Protect

The one question every patient asks in regard to dental treatment is 'how much does it cost?'and perio protect is no different.

Dental treatment can be expensive but the results are worth it. In many cases it is expensive because it has been delayed to the extent that an extensive (and costly!) course of treatment is required.

The best form of treatment is prevention which is why looking after your teeth on a regular basis combined with visits to your dentist will reduce the risk of many dental conditions. But gum disease is a different issue. Most people experience this at some point in their lives even in spite of having strong, healthy teeth. It affects those people who follow a strict dental hygiene routine and is much more common than people realise.

There are a variety of treatments available which include perio protect. But the main advantage of this treatment is that it is painless, does not involve surgery and can be done at home.

So how much does perio protect cost?

Guide to prices for perio protect

Perio protect has only recently been available in the UK which means spending some time finding a clinic that offers this service. It is not available on the NHS.

As a rough guide you can expect to pay a fee for the initial consultation (taking an impression of your teeth); a fee for any cleaning, e.g. scale and polish and the costs of the perio protect trays.

As an example:

Perio protect start up trays = £600 Additional perio protect trays = £300

Full mouth disinfection as part of perio protect treatment = £125

Guide to Perio Protect

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