Q8. Why are there so many different types of toothpaste?

A8.Many brands of toothpaste work in the same way in that they remove food debris and plaque and help prevent tooth decay.

But everyone’s needs are different when it comes to toothpaste: some people have sensitive teeth and need a less abrasive toothpaste. Others prefer a toothpaste which whitens their teeth whereas someone else may want a toothpaste which removes nicotine stains from their teeth.

We all have different requirements and manufacturers try to meet those demands. There is no toothpaste which works for everyone and you need to find one which suits you and your pocket.

Your dentist can help in this aspect. If you are not sure which one to choose then ask him/her for their advice. He/she will be familiar with your teeth and what is best for them so will be able to recommend a suitable brand.

Find out more about the various brands of toothpaste in our types of toothpaste section.

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