How do I apply for Infertility treatment funding?

Your first step is to speak to your GP. He or she will refer you for NHS funding but you will have to fulfil a set of criteria laid down by various governing authorities.

If you fit these criteria then you will have to go on the NHS waiting list for treatment. The length of these waiting lists varies but most fertility clinics operate an ‘18 week’ rule which means you start your treatment, 18 weeks after GP referral.

You will still have to pay for your fertility drugs unless you can claim an exemption from prescription charges (in much the same way as with any other type of drug).

Other ways of finding out about NHS funding include contacting your PCT directly or the National Infertility Awareness Campaign (NIAC).

Funding criteria differs across the UK. There are different rules in England compared to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. So, whichever part of the UK you live in will have its own funding rules.

The Infertility Network UK website contains more information about this.

This is why it’s called a postcode lottery. It can seem unfair that the amount of fertility treatment available have depends on where you live. But, NHS funds are finite and tend to be prioritised upon need. And as you can imagine there are a lot of medical conditions which claim to have the greatest need.

Note: if you are over 30 and have been trying for more than a year then see your GP s soon as possible to discuss your options.

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