Going privately for Infertility treatment

If you don’t want to wait then ask your GP to refer you to a private clinic. There are private fertility clinics and clinics which are based on NHS premises which offer private treatment but a lower cost than a fully private clinic.

The advantage of these clinics is that you still get private treatment but at a lower cost than a fully private clinic.

This is a major issue but there is no guarantee of success, whether you choose the NHS or opt to go privately.

As regards the tests themselves; there are a whole range of tests available but it all depends on your infertility problem. There are tests which will apply to all couples, for example, blood tests and others which are only suitable for specific couples.

You will find that you undergo a series of initial tests 6 to 8 weeks after referral. These basic tests are the same whether you choose NHS or private treatment. These may be followed by further and more advanced tests.

Visit our Infertility tests page to learn more about the types of tests available.

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