Suresign pregnancy tests offer high standards of accuracy and can give results earlier than other tests. This is thanks to the sensitivity of the tests which can detect even low levels of the pregnancy hormone. This makes the Suresign range of pregnancy tests a popular choice amongst many women who wish to have a test that alleviates anxiousness during the testing process

Suresign produces tests in single and double packs; the double packs offer better value for money and allow you to check your result a second time.

The Suresign range also includes a menopause test and an ovulation test.

Suresign One Step Early Detection Pregnancy Test

The Suresign One Step Early Detection Pregnancy Test has been proven to produce reliable results (99% accuracy) from the first day of a missed period; the test is more sensitive than other tests, which cannot produce reliable results until a few days after the start of a missed period. The test works by detecting the pregnancy hormone HCG; this hormone is secreted when the egg becomes fertilised.

The One Step Early Detection test is easy to use and comes in both single and double packs for added value and convenience. The test can either be placed in the urine stream or a strip can be inserted into a cup of urine. You then wait a maximum of five minutes for the result to appear; lines will appear in the results window to indicate whether or not you are pregnant; details of how to read the results are outlined in the instructions.

Suresign Ovulation test

The Suresign Ovulation test detects the amount of LH (luteinizing hormone) in the urine; levels of the hormone are higher prior to ovulation. Ovulation tests help couples to identify when the best time to conceive is; research has shown that many couples who are trying to conceive are having sex on the wrong days and are consequently finding it difficult to get pregnant. The ovulation test shows when the levels of LH are higher, meaning that ovulation is due to take place in the next 24 hours or so; fertility is at peak levels during this time.

The Suresign Ovulation test is easy to use; you can either place the test under your urine stream for a few seconds or collect a urine sample in a cup and insert the test into this sample; after this you wait for a few minutes and the result will appear in the results window; the instruction guide will explain which symbols to look out for.

Types of pregnancy test available:

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