Clearblue is perhaps the best-known brand of pregnancy tests. The range is constantly evolving and consumers are able to use the latest technology to get the most reliable results as early as possible.

Clearblue pregnancy tests have been clinically proven to be more than 99% accurate when they are used after a woman’s period is due. The tests are easy to use and now have a range of different features, including digital results windows, which make them more accessible and easier to use; the results are clearer and prevent any confusion.

Clearblue is one of the most popular brands of pregnancy test in the UK; the range is recommended by both health experts and consumers. Clearblue Digital tests are the most recommended pregnancy tests by doctors, according to research carried out in the UK.

Clearblue Digital

The Clearblue Digital pregnancy test is a revolutionary product, which uses words instead of lines or plus and minus symbols. The digital display clearly states ‘pregnant’or ‘not pregnant’and has been clinically proven to be 99% accurate when used on or after the day your period is supposed to come.

The Clearblue Digital pregnancy test is a one of a kind product, which has been designed to prevent confusion and misinterpretation of the results of a test, which can easily be done when different numbers of lines or the darkness of lines are used to indicate whether or not a woman is pregnant. Research suggests that 1 in 4 women can interpret a test wrongly, meaning they may think they are pregnant when they are not, or vice-versa.

The Digital pregnancy test is very easy to use; it must be placed under the urine stream for around five seconds and then you should wait three minutes for the results to appear; during this time an hourglass symbol will pop up to show the test is working and this will then be followed by the result.

The test can be used before your period is due but the results may not be as accurate because the amount of HCG in the blood may be too small to detect; if you get a negative result before your period is due you should repeat the test a few days later as the amount of HCG doubles every 3 days and the reading will be more reliable at this time.

Clearblue Digital with Conception Indicator

The Clearblue Digital pregnancy test with conception indicator is the most sophisticated test on the market at the moment. The test works in exactly the same way as the Clearblue Digital test but has the added bonus of being able to tell you how far into your pregnancy you are.

The Clearblue Digital with Conception Indicator is the only pregnancy test on the market, which can tell you how many weeks pregnant you are.

The test works by detecting the presence of the pregnancy hormone in the urine; the test also estimates the time you conceived by measuring the concentration of the hormone using Smart Dual Sensor technology. It is important to note that this is a guide and may not be completely accurate; this is because every woman is different and some women have higher levels of HCG than others at the very beginning of their pregnancy.

The Clearblue Digital test takes away any of the confusion caused by different symbols used in other tests; there are no signs to look out for or lines to read, simply wait for the words ‘pregnant’or ‘not pregnant’ to appear. With the conception indicator test, a number will also appear; either 1-2, 2-3 or 3+ will appear and this will indicate how many weeks have passed since you conceived. A doctor will interpret the results as 1-2 meaning you are 3-4 weeks pregnant, 2-3 meaning you are 4-5 weeks pregnant and 3+ meaning you are more than 5 weeks pregnant.

Clearblue with Colour Change Tip

The Clearblue with Colour Change Tip pregnancy test is the first test to give a clear + or –sign to indicate whether or not you are pregnant; there are two windows, one is a control window which shows that you have done the test properly and the other is the results window; if you are pregnant a blue plus sign will appear and if you are not pregnant, a blue minus sign will appear. The system has been designed to prevent any confusion and make results easier to interpret.

As with all other home pregnancy tests, the colour change tip test tests for the presence of HCG; the test can be used up to four days before your period is due but you are less likely to get an accurate result as the concentration of HCG may be too low to show up on the test. Clearblue pregnancy tests come in packs of two, which offers better value for money and enables you to keep one test for a few days later, when the levels of HCG should be higher. If you get a positive test, this is almost certainly reliable; however, if you get a negative result, you may wish to repeat the test as you may not have done it properly or you may have done it too early.

Clearblue Fertility Monitor

Based on the results of a recent study, the Clearblue Fertility Monitor has been proven to increase the chances of conceiving by up to 89 percent. The fertility monitor is the only product of its kind; it not only measures the levels of LH (luteinizing hormone) but also measures the levels of estradiol, another hormone.

The Fertility Monitor can tell you when you are due to ovulate and can indicate around six days of high fertility; during these days, the chances of conceiving will be much higher than on other days in your menstrual cycle. The test also tells you when you have low fertility days and tells you when your next period should be due.

The Fertility Monitor is easy to use and is non-invasive; the test should first be carried out on the first day of your period and you should set the M button on your monitor. Once the monitor knows when your cycle starts, it can calculate when you should be testing. A number will appear on the monitor to tell you which day of your cycle you are on and the monitor will prompt you to carry out a test. When you are asked to do a test, simply hold the stick in your urine stream for a few seconds and then place the stick in the slot in the monitor; after a few minutes, the monitor will display your fertility level; this is done by displaying one, two or three bars (one is low, two is high and three is peak fertility).

Clearblue Digital Ovulation test

According to research, many couples wanting to conceive a baby have sex on days when their fertility is low; the Clearblue Digital Ovulation test enables couples to see when their peak fertility levels occur and then they can increase their chances of conceiving a baby by having sex on these days.

The Clearblue Digital Ovulation test works by measuring the levels of LH in the body; LH is a hormone, which brings about ovulation and levels are higher just prior to ovulation. The test is 99% accurate at predicting a rise in LH, which implies that ovulation is imminent.

The test is easy to do and the results are produced quickly; the digital display also makes it easy to interpret the results. After you have done the test, wait for a couple of minutes for the symbol to appear; if a blank circle appears this means no rise in LH has been detected but if a smiley face appears, this means there has been a rise in LH and there is a higher chance of getting pregnant.

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