Acupuncture - Stop Smoking Treatment

This may sound rather drastic but acupuncture can be effective as an anti-smoking treatment. It eases the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, namely the cravings and changes the taste, and experience of smoking. In others words, the smell or taste of a cigarette can make you feel ill which will put you off from giving in to your cravings.

Everyone differs in the number of treatments they require but some people respond better than others. However, it does work for certain individuals so it is very much up to you.

The question is which one is right for you?

This is entirely your decision. It might help to discuss these with your GP or your partner/family and friends. What may influence your decision is your level of addiction. In other words, the stronger your addiction the more powerful method required.

Stopping smoking involves several factors such as the type of anti-smoking product, your personality, your willpower and your determination to succeed. And also includes the amount of help and support open to you. Some people find that they don’t need much support and can ‘go it alone’ whereas other people prefer to have someone to help them along the way.

The answer is to find what works for you and stick with it.

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