Top Ten Tips to Stopping Smoking - A Guide to Stop Smoking

It is not easy to stop smoking. It requires willpower to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, and whilst there is treatment available for these, it still comes down to you and your motivation to stop smoking.

The benefits in terms of your health, your appearance and your wallet are more than worth it.

We have put together a list of ‘top 10 tips’ to stopping smoking which are designed to help you to do so.

Set a date to stop smoking.

Some people prefer to fix a date and stop altogether whereas others try and cut down their smoking over time. But evidence shows that people who set a date and stop smoking altogether from that date are more successful at giving up.

Tell your partner/family and friends that you are stopping smoking.

It is easier to quit smoking if you have your family and friends on board. Tell them what you are doing and ask them for help and support whilst you are doing so. This can be especially useful when you have a bad day or your motivation is low.

Some people can go it alone but most people find that it helps to have someone to turn to. It is easy to give in when on your own but you are far less likely to do so in the company of others.

Throw out your ashtrays, cigarettes and lighters.

Get rid of all your smoking paraphernalia. You don’t want to be faced with any smoking reminders or to be tempted to have a smoke so throw them away.

Try to avoid smoking areas or being with people who are smokers.

This can be difficult if you have friends who are smokers but they are more likely to tempt you into having a quick cigarette. This doesn’t mean that you completely ignore them but be aware that they are part of a situation in which you are more likely to smoke.

Many people who smoke tend to combine this with having a drink but pubs and bars can be the worst places for giving in to smoking. If you have previously enjoyed smoking a cigarette whilst having a drink then break this habit. This means giving the pub a miss until you know you are over the cravings or replacing it with another activity.

And avoid smoking areas in public spaces.

You need to be aware of any social situations in which you are likely to want to smoke. This can mean changing your routine or giving these a miss until you are over the cravings.

Prepare yourself for the withdrawal symptoms.

Unfortunately, there is no way round this. You will experience some withdrawal symptoms even if you are using a smoking cessation treatment.

You can expect headaches, nausea, irritability and a general feeling of being off-colour.

The main reason behind this is nicotine: nicotine is a powerful drug, contained in cigarette smoking which causes physical and psychological addiction. And this is why it is difficult to stop smoking.

But once you stop you have to deal with the cravings caused by your body demanding its nicotine ‘fix’.

These anti-smoking treatments ease most of these symptoms but you will still experience some of them. However, they are at their worst for the first day or so and then subside over the next couple of weeks.

Obtain help from the NHS.

The NHS is there to help you to stop smoking and has a range of free services for that purpose. These include a ‘Quit Kit’ – a stop smoking package which contains a range of items to keep you motivated; local stop smoking clinics where you can meet with others and obtain useful information and advice; a stop smoking helpline and their ‘Together’ programme which offers help and advice to people who are too busy to attend a clinic.

Take it one day at a time.

There will be days when you feel more motivated than others but don’t be too hard on yourself if you do give in. Many people who manage to stop smoking have made several attempts beforehand.
If you do succumb to the cravings and have a cigarette then accept that it has happened, make a note of what caused it and continue with your stop smoking plan.

Write down the reasons for stopping smoking.

It can help to make a list of why you have stopped smoking and leave this is a prominent place. You can refer to this list when you get cravings or have a day when your willpower is rather low.

And include a list of the positives and negatives of smoking. The negatives will far outweigh the positives (if there are any) and this also will help to remind you why you have stopped.

Eat healthily and take exercise.

Many people especially women are concerned about gaining weight once they stop smoking. Some women use smoking as a means of weight control as it speeds up the metabolism and decreases the appetite.

But there are far better ways of controlling your weight than smoking.

There is the risk of gaining a few pounds which is mainly due to the fact that your appetite returns to normal once you stop smoking. But another reason is that of replacing your smoking habit with another habit – that of sugary, fatty foods.

Many smokers find themselves nibbling on these types of foods as a means of curbing their cravings for a cigarette. It is a means of occupying their hands as well as taking their minds off the cravings but it does lead to weight gain.

Weight will not be gained if you burn off these extra calories but if you don’t then it will soon show itself. It is better to replace these snacks with healthier options such as fresh fruit or sugar-free gum. And combine this with an exercise regime. This doesn’t have to mean the gym: you just need to find a physical activity which you enjoy doing and enables you to maintain a healthy weight.

You will find that you look and feel better once you stop smoking so why not boost this with a healthy lifestyle.

And keep going…

There will be times when you are fed up, lacking in motivation or are desperate for a cigarette but these are a normal part of the process. Stopping smoking isn’t easy and you need a fair amount of willpower and determination to do so but it can be done. Many people successfully give up smoking and they are human like yourself so if they can do you can.

If you do give in then don’t despair. It does happen but turn it into a positive by seeing it as a means of making you stronger and even more determined to succeed.

Why not promise to reward yourself at the end of this which will also give you something to aim for.

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