Stopping Smoking - A Guide to Stop Smoking

In spite of all the health risks many people find it extremely difficult to stop smoking. They either try the once, fail and carry on smoking or make several attempts to do so, but with no success.

It is difficult to kick the habit but if you do then you will find that the benefits more than outweigh the ‘pleasure’ of smoking.

Let’s be honest: people who smoke do so because they enjoy it. It makes them feel confident in a social situation, reduces their stress levels and helps them to fit in. And for young people this means being a popular member of the ‘in’ crowd.

Smokers often say that they enjoy a cigarette whilst having a drink with others, for example in a pub or a nightclub. Or that it stops them from being bored.

Basically it has become a habit albeit a harmful one.

The one factor which is responsible for this is nicotine. Nicotine is a powerful drug, found in cigarette smoke which is also highly addictive. It acts as a stimulant on the mind and body which causes feelings of elation and confidence. And the body adapts to these very quickly which makes it harder to give up.

After all, if smoking makes you feel great and on top of the world then why would you give up?

The biggest reason for giving up is that of your health. There are proven links between smoking and potentially life-threatening conditions such as cancer, heart disease and strokes. And these are just some of the many health problems caused by smoking.

Smoking reduces your life expectancy by as much as ten years.

We know that it isn’t easy to quit smoking but there are so many reasons to do so. There are several ways of doing so and these along with a plethora of advice and information are designed to get you started and then help you to succeed.

If you find it hard to do without a cigarette when in a pub and worry about giving in to temptation then fear not: many places are subject to the National Anti-Smoking Ban which came into force in July 2007. This means that smoking is forbidden in most public spaces and workplaces.

This means no more standing outside the office in the freezing cold whilst having a cigarette!

Smoking is a habit so the trick is to replace this with another habit but a healthy one. So if you find yourself reaching for a cigarette when you are bored then find something to occupy your hands and your mind.

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