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These include the above which are discussed in greater detail.

Nicotine gum: this looks exactly like ordinary chewing gum. The nicotine in the gum is released slowly as you chew and absorbed into your bloodstream via the lining of your mouth.

Every time you get a craving, reach for a piece of this gum and chew it until the taste fades.

This gum comes in different strengths so the greater your addiction the stronger the gum you will need.

Nicotine patches (e.g. Nicorette): these patches like similar to plasters and are stuck onto your skin in much the same way. They release nicotine into your bloodstream which eases any cravings.

Some patches last for 16 hours whereas others last as long as 24 hours.

They are available in different strengths, and the usual pattern is to start with a strong one and reduce this over time.

The only problem with these is that they don’t compensate for the extremes of nicotine withdrawal. They release a constant stream of nicotine which is fine but doesn’t address the highs and lows, experienced when you smoke.

Nicotine tablets and lozenges: these are self-dissolving tablets which you place under your tongue. They tend to dissolve within 20 to 30 minutes and the nicotine is absorbed into your bloodstream.

Inhalers: these look very similar to cigarettes. They are designed to hold nicotine cartridges which release a puff of nicotine when you suck on the inhaler. This vapour is absorbed into your bloodstream via your throat and mouth.

Each individual cartridge contains enough nicotine for three, 20 minute sessions.

They have their advantages and disadvantages. They do look and feel like a cigarette which some people prefer but others don’t. But they don’t provide a constant supply of nicotine.

Nasal sprays: this involves spraying the nicotine into your nostrils using an air-pump dispenser. The one advantage of this is an immediate absorption of nicotine but they are not the easiest things to use. Some people find that they irritate their nose or cause watery eyes and coughing.

Well known brands of these products include:

  • Nicorette
  • Nicotinell
  • NiQuitin

Can you become dependant on these products?

There is a small risk of dependency but this is far less than nicotine dependency due to smoking.

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