BACD predicts trends for cosmetic surgery industry in 2011

January 12th, 2011
BACD predicts trends for cosmetic surgery industry in 2011

Using figures from 2010, the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors (BACD) has forecast the potential trends in the industry for the coming year.

In 2010 the more popular treatments were non-surgical, such as Botox, which saw a rise of thirty percent. Experts are suggesting that this means men and women are looking at alternatives to invasive cosmetic surgery procedures.

Chairman of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, Dr Mike Comins, was quoted as stating: ‘Less appears to be more when it comes to cosmetic treatments. With the economic downturn, people seem to be spending hundreds and pounds on treatments like Botox and fillers to keep the scalpel at bay rather than thousands of pounds on major cosmetic surgery.’

With the BACD predicting more treatments such as “the fluid facelift” in 2011, it is suggested that more subtle treatments will grow as the need for plastic wanes. Dr Comins continued; ‘Cosmetic medicine has come of age as doctors discover just what we can achieve non-surgically. It’s about using safe and effective treatments and perfecting them to give a refreshed look. People are having what is known as “Botox Lite” or “Baby Botox” where we use less to achieve a subtler look.’

There was also a 21.5 percent rise in male cosmetic treatments in 2010, according to the BACD, and they predict a continued rise in 2011. Dr Comins stated: ‘Men are increasingly self-conscious and are coming forward for body contouring procedures like Liposculpture and Vaser. These procedures are performed under local anaesthetic and do not cause major disruption.’

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