Cancer Therapy Induced Infertility Can Now Be helped

April 18th, 2011
Cancer Therapy Induced Infertility Can Now Be helped

Infertility is often an unfortunate side effect for women undergoing therapies to remove or eradicate cancer. However recent research appears to be helping many of these women. In short, it is now possible to treat cancer without causing infertility.

The research which was published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility focused on protecting women’s ovaries while they underwent radiation treatment. The latter generally kills good cells as well as bad, hence the reason for infertility.

However, scientists decided to infuse the ovaries with drugs normally used for multiple sclerosis. It was believed that as well as being a great product significantly delaying the development of MS, it could also protect the ovaries from the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

The news that this drug could be effective was welcomed by Mary Zelinski, at the Oregon National Primate Research Centre (ONPRC) who was involved with the research. She told reporters: “While there are additional studies to be conducted, there is a strong likelihood that this intervention could protect human fertility because reproductive systems of nonhuman primate (monkeys) and human primate systems are so similar.”

She added:  “We also want to be sure that the medication is delivered in a way that protects only the ovaries but does not protect the cancer cells which are being targeted by the therapy.”

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