Cosmetic surgery goes smartphone

March 4th, 2011
Cosmetic surgery goes smartphone

A new smartphone application has been released which allows you to plan and price any cosmetic surgery you are thinking of getting. Approved for the Apple iPhone the new software is called BuildMyBodTM.

Surgeons can upload information about their services and prices, while consumers can download the application.

The designer of the application, Jonathan Kaplan, himself a practicing cosmetic surgeon hopes that as the software develops, and used regularly, customers will be able to search for services via post code. They will then be able to review the information which should include different procedures on offer by gender, prices, total costs, doctors’ fees, operating room costs, anaesthetic costs, implants and anything else important.

Currently, the application is available on Apple devices including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch; it is available for download from the Apple store. Dr. Kaplan told reporters that he hopes to have an Android version available soon.

Jonathan Kaplan originally devised the cosmetic surgery software for his own practice, and for the benefit of his own clients. But he also felt it was database that could be made use of by thousands of surgeons and customers alike. He said: “Consumers want information to make better buying decisions, especially about cosmetic surgery, where prices for the same procedures can vary by as much as 35%!

“As the dramatic growth in the development of apps for the iPhone shows, people want the convenience of having information they can use to make important decisions on their phones. It seemed logical that being able to research cosmetic surgeons and procedures that way would be of real value to consumers…and to surgeons, too.”

The application is only available for those living in the USA at the moment. Whether this changes isn’t known.

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