Lisa Rinna Kisses ‘Bumpy, Uneven’ Lips Goodbye

October 7th, 2010
Lisa Rinna Kisses ‘Bumpy, Uneven’ Lips Goodbye

After years of speculation, Lisa Rinna, the star of Harry Loves Lisa, confessed to receiving cosmetic surgery to enhance her lips. But in 2010, Rinna underwent cosmetic surgery yet again, to reverse the procedure.

Rinna told People Magazine that her silicone-injected lips felt ‘bumpy and uneven’. The 47 year-old actress who said that her lips had begun to define who she was, admits to being happy with the reduction’s outcome.

“It doesn’t matter what other people think,” Rinna said. “I did it for myself!” Rinna now has lips that are ‘smooth’ and free of ‘lumps’.

Bumpy, lumpy lips are not uncommon in patients who have received silicone injections, said Anthony Youn, a facial plastic surgeon from Michigan.

Although post-surgery lips should be mobile and soft, they often become firm and unnatural looking, Dr. Youn said. What’s worse, Dr. Youn added that it can be hard to achieve symmetry with liquid silicone injections. Topping the laundry list of silicone injection faux pas is: tissue tightening, scarring, fibrosis and puffy and swollen lips.

Rinna, who admits to having gone too far with plastic surgery, says she feels fantastic and her rapidly reducing lips are “a work in progress”.

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