People Warned Of The Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Obsession

April 11th, 2011
People Warned Of The Dangers Of Cosmetic Surgery Obsession

The recent death of a British woman who went to the US as a cosmetic surgery tourist has caused alarm and consternation among many people – medical professionals, the general population and politicians alike.

The woman in question believing she was having an injection to increase the size of her buttocks was in fact injected with industrial silicone.

Originally, the woman’s death was blamed on the so called Hip Hop culture, but this was later denied. The fact was she went to the USA after answering an advert offering treatment on a tourist basis, something that is a growing phenomenon. The person who carried out cosmetic therapy however was not qualified.

This has caused one UK politician – Diane Abbott, to warn people about the dangers not just of cosmetic surgery itself but also about the current obsession of many people who feel that it is something that they must have, come what may.

Writing an article in the Jamaica Observer, Diane said: “British commentators have seized on the story to say that Claudia was a victim of hip-hop culture. She was actually a victim of something much more universal.

“Sadly, we live in an era when too many young women are brainwashed into believing that artificially pumping up some aspect of their body is the road to fame and fortune. And they will risk their lives to achieve this.”

Diane added: “Plastic surgeons have a lot to answer for. The pictures we see in British newspapers reveal that if you can pay, plastic surgeons will do it to you. Even if that means giving you breasts so big, you look as if you are going to topple over.

“Here in Britain we have also seen a proliferation of television ‘makeover’ shows in which women are transformed with such things as a brand new hair style; expert make-up advice; a new wardrobe; dentistry; and (above all) plastic surgery. We are led to believe that this will all make them better and happier people.

“There is some evidence that some overwhelmed husbands yearn for the wife that they had grown accustomed to.”

Whether people will heed these warnings however remains to be seen.

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