Proof That Exercise And Healthy Eating Do Help People To Lose Weight

April 8th, 2013
Proof That Exercise And Healthy Eating Do Help People To Lose Weight

Obesity in the UK is a growing problem, and while politicians and medical people argue as to its cause, one thing is clear it can be a major problem for the individuals concerned.

However with a society which is based on how fast you can eat and work, increasing numbers of people are not taking the time to stop and think about the consequences.

One lady from Sheffield though did take time out, and realised that losing weight doesn’t need fad diets and regimes necessarily to help. In Suzanne Harwood’s case a simple bike ride with her children worked.

Apparently, Suzanne lost a massive 4 stone in just 4 months. She told local reporters: “I’ve always liked my food but my mum stopped me from over-eating. Once I left home I had what I wanted, and every pregnancy added to the problem.”

She added: “Then I got pregnant again and I used that as an excuse. I quickly got into really bad eating habits and over the next four years put on all the weight I’d lost and more.”

Suzanne recalls however that she became obsessed with losing weight by exercising after she went on a Center Parcs holiday with her family. These themed holiday parks cater for people who enjoy outdoor activities including bike riding.

Initially, Suzanne struggled to keep up with her husband and children, but eventually found that the riding was helping her. Hence, over the following 4 months up to the run up to Christmas, she continued riding as well as signing up to the LighterLife programme in Sheffield.

Suzanne continued: “Losing the weight is actually the easy part – it’s afterwards when it gets tricky and I learnt that lesson the hard way. I know my triggers now and the fact that I struggle to control my urges.

“We’ve had all three children’s birthdays this month and I’ve had cake, but I’ve compensated by sticking to healthy eating the rest of the time.


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