Richer Ghanaians More Likely To Have An Abortion

March 30th, 2011
Richer Ghanaians More Likely To Have An Abortion

Research in Ghana comparing rich literate and poor illiterate women found the richer women were more likely to seek an abortion.

The research which was carried out by the University of Cape Coast Department of Population and Health suggests that the second commonest cause of death among women was due directly to unsafe abortions. In fact the statistic is 1 in 10.

The research also found that 21 out of 1000 women aged between 20 and 40 living in urban areas were twice as likely to get an abortion.

Having an abortion whether in Ghana or elsewhere is a risky decision. It is also one that is not taken lightly by most women.

However, it may now be possible to reverse the decision part way through, if a new procedure becomes more widespread.

Generally, abortions take place during the first trimester of a pregnancy. But there are times when the decision to have one is made during the second trimester. It is a much riskier and complicated operation though, where a type of seaweed called laminaria is inserted into the vagina. This helps soften and dilate the cervix. The procedure is a two day event.

The reversal procedure allows for the removal of the seaweed, thus in theory allowing the cervix to close. In turn the abortion is halted.

Critics argue though that while the procedure itself may be useful for those women who perhaps change their mind part way, the procedure is something ‘invented’ by an organisation which is against abortion. Consequently, their altruistic motives are questioned.

They also suggest that the decision to reverse any abortion should be a proper discussion between the mother and properly qualified medical staff, and without coercion.

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