US Federal Lawmakers Pass Anti-Abortion Bill

March 24th, 2011
US Federal Lawmakers Pass Anti-Abortion Bill

Members of a committee in the United States House of Representatives passed the pro-life ‘protect life’ bill despite a strong and determined fight by three prominent Democrats.

The Protect Life Act seeks to amend and strengthen a previous act – the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act which prevents any federal funding of abortion services.

Democrats opposed to the amendment argued that if passed women would no longer be able to buy health insurance cover for abortion.

Supporters of the act reject this saying that Democrats are using scare tactics. One Republican supporter of the new bill, Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania told reporters: “The Protect Life Act, in short, would amend the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to continue the historical practice of prohibiting federal funds from being used on abortion services.”

He added: “Unfortunately, the Stupak-Pitts provision was not included in final passage, and so this will seek to amend health care reform by statutorily putting into law what was overwhelmingly supported in this body and is supported by 60 to 70 percent of the American people.”

“The bill would also prevent government entities funded by the Affordable Care Act from discriminating against health care providers and professionals that do not participate in abortion.

“Further, the bill would allow individuals to purchase a separate abortion plan with private funds, and allow health insurance providers to offer separate plans for abortion coverage, so long as they don’t use federal funds to do so.”

Other Republicans added their own support for the new amendment. One in particular believed it would protect the moral rights of medical professionals who struggle with having to carry out abortions.

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