Self-Help - Drug Addiction

This term is used to describe a range of treatments which people search and use for themselves as well as professional help.

This includes books, DVDs, courses, self-help groups, hypnotherapy and stress management.

The addict uses these with a goal in mind, that of beating their addiction.

Self-help is a popular area in general as many people are keen on personal development and look at various ways of doing so. These people feel as if they can improve a certain aspect of their lives, for example confidence building and will employ any number of ways of doing so.

Self-help is usually provided by qualified professionals, therapists etc.

Self-help for addiction

There are a wide variety of products available which include:

  • Hypnotherapy: this is undertaken with a therapist to start with before being undertaken at home. It can involve using a CD or DVD to help relax your state of mind and clarify the way you think.
  • Self-help groups: there are groups for every type of addiction, for example Alcoholics Anonymous, and these are comprised of people who have similar experiences. They are places where you can talk about your addiction or empathise with others. A good confidence boost: you have the support and understanding of others in the same position as yourself.
  • Positive thinking: a way of thinking about the good things in your life and not dwelling on the negative aspects. Surround yourself with confident, upbeat people and their optimism will rub off on you. These are the type of people who will want you to beat your addiction. Also known as ‘positive mental attitude’.
  • Relaxation and deep breathing: deep breathing and relaxation techniques can be a useful way of overcoming any cravings you may experience. Use them as a way of distracting yourself if a craving arises and it will soon pass.
  • Stress management: stress is a problem for many of us and is often the trigger for many addictions. Try and find a form of stress release which is healthy and good for you. These can include a relaxing walk, reading a book, listening to music or treating yourself to a massage.

There are many types of self-help products but some will be more suitable than others. Look through these carefully to find the one that is right for you.  


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