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Want to know more about marijuana?

What are the long effects of using marijuana? Is marijuana addictive? Should marijuana be legalised? What is medical marijuana?

These are just a few of the many questions people ask about marijuana.

If you want to know more about marijuana then you have come to the right place. This comprehensive guide is here to help you learn more about marijuana, answering any questions you may have or helping to separate facts from fiction.

This guide is for anyone who uses marijuana; is thinking of using marijuana; is the parent of a child who is using marijuana or is interested in the subject of marijuana.

Easy to understand, structured guide to marijuana

This guide is presented as follows:

It takes a step by step approach to a highly controversial subject. This is an issue which divides public opinion with supporters in favour of legalisation and opponents who are against this.

Unbiased look at marijuana

The information within this guide is presented in an objective manner to enable you to form your own opinion about marijuana. We do not take sides but attempt to present the facts as we see them.

The information presented here is both non-judgemental and factual.

Recreational marijuana

Marijuana is like any form of recreational drug which people use as a matter of personal choice. It is used in a variety of ways with the aim of achieving a pleasant, chilled out feeling.

This is often the case although some people experience sensations which are anything but pleasurable! Strong forms of marijuana or high doses can cause hallucinations, anxiety and paranoia which are unpleasant at the time.

The effects of marijuana vary from one person to the next and are discussed in detail within this guide.

Medical marijuana

An interesting and keenly debated issue is that of medical marijuana: this means using marijuana for purely medical reasons such as easing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

There have been studies carried out which indicate that marijuana may have a beneficial effect on certain medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

Find out more about this in our medical use of marijuana section.

Information about marijuana for parents

This guide is designed to help parents who are concerned about drugs or suspect that their son or daughter is using marijuana. This is understandably, very worrying and you will want to know more about what this drug is, what it does and the long term effects on a young person.

This issue is discussed further in our young people and marijuana section.

Legal issues of marijuana

Marijuana has its advocates and detractors.

The advocates argue that it is relatively harmless and no worse than having a drink or a cigarette. They also argue that it is an individual decision and that adults are fully capable of deciding for themselves.

The detractors counter this by stating there is evidence to show that it can lead to psychological addiction. They argue that people who use marijuana on a regular basis come to rely upon it and use it as a crutch to get through the day.

Another argument is whether it leads to someone using stronger drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

The issue of legalisation is discussed in more detail in the law and marijuana section.

Treating marijuana use

If someone is considered to be psychologically addicted to marijuana then there is treatment available to deal with this. But this is less available than treatment for other forms of addiction such as alcohol or tobacco addiction.

The aim is to look at the underlying reasons for the addiction and try and find ways of breaking that dependence. This includes counselling or therapy plus lifestyle changes, e.g. stopping smoking.

Find out more in our treatment for marijuana addiction section.

Marijuana myths

There are a number of myths which surround marijuana. Whilst it is easy to dismiss these, there are nevertheless, potential risks of using marijuana which cannot be ignored.

Most myths have an element of truth in them.

It is important not to trivialise these and to be aware of the downside of using marijuana and any other type of drug.

What are these myths? Find out more in our marijuana facts and fiction section.

Marijuana FAQs

We have included the popular FAQs section which contains a list of the most commonly asked questions about marijuana.

Marijuana glossary and links

And finally, there is a description of drug related terms used in this guide. We have tried to avoid using any technical or medical jargon but if we have, then it is accompanied by an explanation or a link to the glossary section.

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