Marijuana FAQs

For many people this is a contentious subject and attracts a good deal of debate. There are arguments for and against its legalisation in equal measure.

There are several misconceptions surrounding marijuana which include a few 'old wives tales'.

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Marijuana FAQs

  1. Q1. Are marijuana and cannabis the same drug?
  2. Q2. Is there more than one type of marijuana?
  3. Q3. Why is marijuana popular?
  4. Q4. Can you become addicted to marijuana?
  5. Q5. What are the physical effects of marijuana?
  6. Q6. What are the psychological effects of marijuana?
  7. Q7. What does marijuana look like?
  8. Q8. Does marijuana cause psychosis?
  9. Q9. Does marijuana cause cancer?
  1. Q10. What is 'medical marijuana?'
  2. Q11. Is it illegal to possess marijuana?
  3. Q12. What are 'the munchies?'
  4. Q13. How is marijuana used?
  5. Q14. Can you treat marijuana addiction?
  6. Q15. Does using marijuana mean that you will use other drugs?

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