Marijuana and social behaviour

Using marijuana on a long term basis can affect social skills and behaviour. This spills over into day to day living and cause a range of problems.

It can affect your ability to function on a daily basis.

People who smoke large doses of marijuana may find that they have become reliant on this drug. They have developed an addiction and experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop.

So they continue to use marijuana to retain control.

This causes changes in attitude and behaviour which are noticed by everyone apart from the user him/her self. They become totally focused upon their need for the drug that they behave in a way which is contrary to their normal behaviour.

Changes in behaviour

For example, they may change from an outgoing, sociable and upbeat person to someone who is quiet, withdrawn and prefers his/her own company.

They may prefer to spend all their time indoors, smoking marijuana rather than actively participating in society. Their schoolwork suffers. Their performance at work drops off and there is an increase in the amount of time they take off.

They lack energy and motivation. Any work they undertake they do with a lack of focus and commitment or make frequent errors. The work they do is of poor quality and unacceptable.

Accidents are more likely to happen which can have serious consequences. For example if this occurs in a dangerous job or one that involves working with complex equipment/machinery, e.g. factory.

Their physical and mental health suffers in the long term.

Other social effects include loss of friendships, lack of consideration for others and anti-social behaviour such as crime.

Anyone who becomes addicted may turn to theft or other means to pay for their habit.

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