Skunk is the name of a particularly potent form of marijuana which contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC’s). These are responsible for a range of mind altering effects.

However, skunk is just one several varieties of marijuana which contain high levels of THC’s.

Tetrahydrocannabinols work by binding with certain receptors within the brain, causing a series of reactions which include euphoria, poor co-ordination, increased appetite (known as ‘the munchies’) and distorted reality.

Skunk is grown in both Holland and the UK.

Examples of skunk plants

There are several varieties of skunk which include ‘super skunk’,‘Northern Lights’and ‘Early Girl’.

Some of these are pure skunk whereas others are hybrids a combination of the cannabis sativa and cannabis indica plants. An example of these is ‘Northern Lights’.

Other examples include ‘super skunk’, ‘shiva-skunk’,‘white widow’and ‘sensi-skunk’.

How is skunk grown?

Skunk is grown indoors under greenhouse type conditions. Like any form of marijuana it requires heat, water, light, soil and nutrients to grow although some varieties are grown using ‘hydroponic’ techniques.

Once grown the seeds or buds are ready for use.

It is considered to be complicated and costly growing marijuana indoors than outside but one advantage of doing this is that the grower retains greater control over this environment.

Marijuana grown indoors can have the same potency as that grown outside.

Greenhouse conditions

Skunk can be grown on a balcony or in an attic. To do so involves grow lights, a set of containers, adequate heat, water and air plus soil and fertilisers.

A certain temperature needs to be maintained in the growing environment which fans can help with. An extractor fan and an oscillator fan will help to circulate air around the space to create an ideal setting.

The extractor fan may have a carbon filter attached to it to remove the strong odour emitted by marijuana plants during the growing process.

Carbon dioxide is another vital element in the growing process. Adequate levels of this will ensure that the marijuana plants grow quickly and efficiently.

Hydroponic techniques

This refers to a process of growing marijuana plants in liquids which are rich in nutrients rather than using soil.

The plants are grown in containers which have a series of tubes running into them through which the nutrient rich solution flows.

There are new types of hydroponic systems in which the containers containing the plants revolve around a central light source to maximise light output.

Hydroponic techniques are considered a difficult system to use as they require the grower to ensure that the marijuana plants receive an adequate water supply. Plus there is also the risk of over-fertilisation.

If either of these happens then the entire crop of marijuana may die.

However, some forms of skunk grown using organic soil are more potent that those using hydroponic techniques.

What does skunk look like?

These types of plants are short and dense packed with leaves and flowers to give a ‘bushy’appearance.

They have a distinctive strong smell and contain high levels of THC’s. For example, some varieties of skunk such as ‘Northern Lights’ contain around 20% of THC’s.

Ordinary herbal cannabis contains around 4% THC’s but stronger forms such as skunk and sinsemilla contain anything from 10% or more THC’s.

Where does the name ‘skunk’originate from?

This is believed to have originated from America. The name may refer to the rather strong aroma given off by skunk whilst growing which is compared to the unpleasant liquid sprayed by the black and white animal (a skunk).

Using skunk

This is usually smoked as a ‘joint’ or via a pipe known as a ‘bong’.

Effects of skunk

Skunk has a stronger effect on both the mind and the body which can be overwhelming for inexperienced smokers. It causes an intense ‘high’and a heightened awareness of sounds and colours which some users may find difficult to deal with.

Other effects include increased laughing and talking and decreased inhibitions.

Some people find that they become elated as a result of using skunk whilst others become rapidly ‘stoned’ (relaxed and sleepy). This stoned feeling often develops quicker than expected and may cause a panic attack.

People who use skunk and other forms of marijuana often find that they develop an uncontrollable hunger known as ‘the munchies’. They have the urge to eat and do so over and over again.

These are discussed in greater detail in our effects of marijuana section.

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