Treatment for marijuana addiction

There is no single specific treatment for marijuana addiction but there are a range of options which include:

  • Rehabilitation centres
  • Specialist drug agencies, e.g. FRANK
  • Therapy, e.g. cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Counselling
  • Support groups/networks

These are all effective ways of dealing with marijuana addiction.

Rehabilitation centres

These are residential places where people stay and follow a strict programme in which they undergo detox, diet and exercise and counselling sessions with the aim of changing their behaviour and enabling them to lead a drug free life.

It may also include workshops, group/individual psychotherapy, meditation, complimentary therapies and relapse prevention sessions.

Specialist drug agencies

There are specialist agencies which exist to provide help and support to people with an addiction such as marijuana.

Some of these agencies cater for a particular age group. One example of this is FRANK –an agency with its own website and helpline which is geared towards young people.


It adopts a non-judgemental approach to drug abuse and provides facts and advice about drugs; what they look like, the cost, the law and the effects.

This is presented in a style which appeals to young people and aims to educate and inform without condemning.


Therapy is another useful way of treating marijuana addiction. One example of this is cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT for short which teaches people to find new ways of dealing with an issue using a systematic approach.

So rather than using marijuana or some other substance as a means of escapism, CBT encourages the person to discuss their problems, look at what is causing them and find a solution.

The aim is to change negative ways of thinking, acting and behaving into positive thought patterns which will enable them to live a more productive life.


This can be done on an individual basis or as part of a group. Many people find it helpful to discuss their problems with a neutral observer, safe in the knowledge that they will not pass judgement on them.

The aim of counselling is to encourage you to talk about problems or issues from your past as well as your present so that you can look at positive ways of dealing with them.

The counsellor will look at the reasons why you use marijuana and will help you to look for alternative and healthier options.

Support groups/networks

There are support groups for all types of problems which includes drug addiction.

Many people find it easier to discuss their problems with like minded people as they feel that they will understand what it is like to have this addiction.

They argue that they will have ‘been there’and so understand how difficult it can be to stop using marijuana.

There are support groups which deal specifically with marijuana: for example

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