Types of marijuana

People often assume there is one type of marijuana but this is incorrect. There are several types of marijuana which are derived from different parts of the marijuana plant.

These are discussed separately within this section and include:

Some types of marijuana are stronger than others which all depend upon which part of the plant they originated from. For example, skunk and sinsemilla are forms of herbal cannabis which tend to be more potent than the traditional imported versions.

They are grown via complex processes which use selective breeding, e.g. combine two types of cannabis plants in order to increase the amount of THC’s.

These stronger versions are grown in Holland and the UK and tend to have higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC’s) than other forms of marijuana.

However, some people find that these forms of marijuana are too strong for them. They cause intense hallucinogenic effects that can trigger anxiety or paranoia in emotionally vulnerable people.

Marijuana is either imported into this country or ‘homegrown’: usually cultivated in greenhouses or within an individual’s home. This is usually grown for personal use although there are situations where marijuana is grown to sell to others.

How is marijuana grown?

Marijuana can be grown outdoors, in both rural and urban locations. It may be grown outdoors on a person’s property or in a location far away to avoid detection.

Sunlight is an important component in the growing cycle so a location will be chosen which is likely to receive maximum hours of sunlight.

Marijuana requires heat, light, water, nutrients and soil to grow and thrive. The seeds, equipment and knowledge are easier to access than before which accounts for the rise in indoor growing.

Some people grow marijuana in their greenhouse or a space, e.g. attic in their homes whereas others are large, commercial operations.

Marijuana grows in a series of stages –from initial germination through to the actual flowering. Once ripe they are then harvested, dried and cured.

Marijuana is ready to use after curing.

There are several advanced techniques for growing marijuana which include cropping and training, special growth mediums such as hydroponics and organic fertilisers.

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