How do I make a claim? - Private Health Insurance

The first thing to do is to contact your insurance company to check that you are covered for the treatment you need. In fact, you will find that most insurers require you to do this.

The next step is completing a claim form. The form will be comprised of two parts:

  • Patient’s section (you complete this bit)
  • GP’s section (your doctor completes this bit)

The part you complete will ask for name, date of birth, email address, policy number and a brief description of your medical condition. It will also ask you if you are claiming an NHS cash benefit and if your treatment is covered by other insurance plans.

Your GP will be asked to complete details of your symptoms and condition, date of your first consultation, names of the surgeon and anaesthetist and their fees.

Your GP will need to sign this form. He or she may charge a small fee for this which you will have to pay for. If you have opted to pay an excess then you will have to do this before the rest of the treatment is paid.

Keep in contact with your insurance company as they will advise you about how and what they pay. Check with your hospital and consultant to see if they will send their bills directly to your insurer or to you. In the latter case, you will have to pay and then obtain a refund from your insurer.

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