Acne treatment : Acne Treatment Guide

Most cases of acne disappear on their own although this does take time. It can take several years for acne to go although there are several forms of treatment which may help to speed things up a bit.

Whichever treatment you choose, the main thing to realise here is that they are designed to control the symptoms of acne. They aim to stop your acne from worsening as well as preventing new spots from forming. They also aim to prevent any scarring.

There are several forms of treatment which are discussed in this section on an individual basis. They include:

If you have treatment via your GP then he/she will review your case after six weeks. If everything is progressing well then he or she will continue the treatment for up to six months.

Each treatment is designed to do the following:

  • Reduce excess production of sebum
  • Control any abnormal shedding of skin cells
  • Ease the inflammation
  • Reduce bacteria levels

The type of treatment you have will depend upon the extent of your acne. For example, an anti-bacterial cream may work well on a mild form of acne but antibiotics or laser treatment may work better for severe acne.

Realism about acne treatment

It is important that you have realistic expectations about what acne treatment can do. It is very effective but success is not always guaranteed and you need to bear this in mind. Keep an open mind but always remember that the perfect treatment doesn’t exist.

However, it is surprising what treatment can do and many people are happy with the outcome.

Find out more about each of the individual forms of treatment mentioned above.

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