Managing acne : Acne Treatment Guide

Acne can be treated by a range of products as well as ‘self-help’by you. This includes over the counter products such as creams, lotions and gels as well as following a regular skin care regime. This means washing your face twice a day before applying non-oil based moisturiser.

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These are all ways of managing your acne. The aim is to control your outbreak of acne so that it does not worsen which can result in scarring.

Your acne management routine could include the following:

  • Avoid wearing heavy make up and remember to remove it last thing at night.
  • Eating healthy food and drinking plenty of water
  • Clean your skin twice a day but avoid rubbing or firmly drying your skin. This will help to unblock clogged up pores.
  • Following the instructions on an acne product
  • Not picking or squeezing your acne
  • Reducing your stress levels

If you do this then you helping to ensure that your acne is kept firmly under control.

Acne is similar to many other conditions in that it is surrounded by ‘old wives tales’or acne myths. Our popular acne myths section helps to debunk many of these myths.

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