Types of baby skin rashes

Your baby has a skin rash but what type of rash is it? Do you need to call your GP or can you treat it yourself? This is the difficult part. As the parent of a newborn baby it is natural to be anxious about your baby’s health and worry that they might develop a serious illness or disease.

But you can be reassured by the fact that most baby skin rashes clear up without the need for treatment. Plus those rashes which do require medical attention are easily treatable.

Comprehensive list of skin rashes

But the tricky part is knowing what type of rash your baby has.

Some skin rashes appear similar to each other which make it difficult to determine what type of rash it is. In order to help with this we have put together a list of the most common skin rashes that affect babies. Each rash contains a description of the symptoms, the causes and the treatment.

This list includes:

Visit any of these individual pages to learn more about a particular baby skin rash.

Many rashes do disappear by themselves but if your baby’s rash appears to have worsened, is deep seated or is making him/her ill then see your doctor.

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