Warts are small raised growths of skin which can develop on any part of the body. However the hands seem to be a particular favourite.

Warts are rare in children under the age of two. However it is possible for a baby to develop a wart.

Types of warts

There are several types of warts which include:

  • Common warts
  • Flat warts
  • Plantar warts

Common warts are as the name says: these warts appear almost anywhere on the body but especially the hands. They often develop around an area of cut or broken skin.

A common wart is either light or dark coloured although they can match the colour of your skin. Sometimes they contain tiny black dots and are called ‘seed warts’.

Flat warts are small and smooth and develop on any part of the body. But these are more likely to develop on the face in babies and children. Plantar warts develop on the soles of feet only and are rather painful.

Causes of warts

These are caused by viruses. In fact, they are caused by any one of more than 100 varieties of the ‘human papilloma virus’(HPV) to be precise. A wart isn’t contagious but the virus that causes them can be very easily transferred from one person to another. So, your baby can pick up this virus if he/she comes into contact with another infected person or handles an infected object.

But, if your baby has a wart it does not mean that he/she is prone to developing them.

Treatment of a wart

The best course of action is often that of leaving the wart alone as many of them do disappear over time. But this can take several years in some cases.

If your baby has a wart which you are concerned about then visit your GP. Your GP may recommend a course of treatment if the wart has worsened.

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