What causes learning disabilities?

Many people are born with conditions or defects which contribute to learning disabilities; congenital conditions and birth defects may cause people to have lower intellectual capacity and this may affect the speed they develop and the rate at which they learn. Many types of birth defect are caused by chromosomal abnormalities, which subsequently affect the development of the structures and systems in the body; other possible causes of birth defects include genetic factors, including inherited genetic diseases and exposure to harmful chemicals such as smoke and pesticides, drinking alcohol during pregnancy, taking drugs during pregnancy and suffering from an infection or illness such as Rubella or toxoplasmosis during pregnancy.

Learning disabilities are often a knock-on effect of a syndrome which is caused by a birth defect or a congenital condition. Many people with these conditions have a lower IQ than average and consequently find it difficult to retain information, learn to do new things and master new skills.

This guide sets out to provide in-depth information about learning disabilities, and covers the following areas:

  • What are the symptoms of learning disabilities?
  • Examples of learning disabilities
  • Diagnosing learning disabilities
  • Treatment for learning disabilities

Learning Disabilities

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