Other Options to a Care Home : A guide to Elderly Care

You may be finding your home a bit too much to cope with but don’tfeel that you are ready to move into home, or even want to.

It may be the case that you are lonely and would like some company during the day or someone close at hand if you require help. You may be caring for a parent or a relative and realise that they are finding it increasingly difficult to manage but are not sure what options are open to them.

This section of the guide discusses the options to going into a care home. We know that many people would prefer to remain in their own home, even if that includes having some form of help. And if it does get to the stage where staying at home is no possible then there are other options. These options are:

Most people who move to a care home usually do so from necessity rather than choice. This is not a criticism of care homes that, in the main, do a very good job of providing care and companionship to a great many people.

But, staying in your own home means being surrounded by things you are comfortable with and hold long lasting memories for you. It may be a place where you have grown up in, or raised a family and it is understandable that you would want to remain there. It has been recognised that allowing someone to remain in their home - with help from the local authority can be beneficial and enable that person to stay as independent as possible.

Even if this isn’t possible then you might better moving to a smaller property -in particular, one near to your family and friends, or to purpose built housing which is geared towards the needs of older people. Retirement housing is a good option as it is sheltered housing: both of these enables people to remain independent but with a safety net of a warden or manager if needed.

Another option is to move in with your family but this has to work for both parties concerned. Can your family provide the level of care you need and would you be happy to give up some of your independence? This option needs to be thought about very carefully.

We hope this section provides you with enough information on the options to a care home.

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