Fertility success rates

Fertility success rates can be confusing so we have tried to explain them in an easy to understand format.

The good news is that success rates are rising all the time.

There are two sets of statistics which you will be interested in:

  • Live birth rate also known as ‘take home baby rate’
  • Clinical pregnancy rate

The ‘live birth rate’ is a set of figures which tell you the chance (or ‘odds’) of giving birth to a baby.

The clinical pregnancy rate tells you how likely it is that you will become pregnant.

Note: the live birth rate is always lower than the clinical pregnancy rate. The reason for this is that some pregnancies don’t go the full term and end in a miscarriage or loss.

Each clinic will have a set of figures which are the success rates for each type of fertility treatment which you can compare against the national figures available from HFEA.

The following figures are to be used as a general guide only.

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