Signs of a Mouth Ulcer : Mouth Ulcer Guide

The first sign of a mouth ulcer is the formation of a small bump or blister which then changes to a red and swollen crater. This is usually accompanied by pain and discomfort – often when eating, drinking or talking which takes it toll on the sufferer.

Many people find that they become tired, irritable and ‘cranky’when they develop mouth ulcers!

If you pull down your lip to expose inside your mouth then you will probably notice small, white, oval sores which are inflamed around their edges.

The next thing you will notice is that they are rather painful (a burning sensation).

They don’t normally require any treatment and will disappear on their own accord. However, you can treat them at home using an over the counter product such as ‘Bonjela’.

This and other forms of treatment are discussed in greater detail in our treatment of mouth ulcers section.

In the majority of cases these will disappear after a week to ten days. But if they become worse or last for three weeks or more then visit your GP.

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