Who is prone to Mouth Ulcers? : Mouth Ulcer Guide

There are some people who for a variety of reasons, are more likely to develop a mouth ulcer than others. One person may develop the odd mouth ulcer but another may find themselves suffering from mouth ulcers on a regular basis.

There are risk factors for developing mouth ulcers which include:

  • Gender: women experience mouth ulcers more than men which may be due to fluctuations in their monthly cycle.
  • Age: people aged between 10 and 40 are more likely to develop mouth ulcers than older people. Mouth ulcers are fairly uncommon in older people.
  • Genetics: people who are particularly prone to mouth ulcers often find that a close member of their family experiences them as well. The tendency to develop mouth ulcers often runs in families.
  • Stress: mouth ulcers are one of the signs of being under stress. If you are prone to stress and anxiety then you may find that you are equally prone to mouth ulcers.
  • Certain types of food: there are foods which are triggers for mouth ulcers. These include: coffee, chocolate, strawberries, almonds, cheese and peanuts.

These and other risk factors are discussed in further detail in our causes of mouth ulcers section.

In many cases, people develop mouth ulcers for no apparent reason.

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