Sports Trainers : Sports Injury Prevention

Sports trainers are the commercial term for footwear which is designed for sports and other types of physical activity. Athletic trainers are used for various sports such as running, tennis, basketball and football. Athletic trainers are ideal for sports which are undertaken on the grass such as football and it is also perfect for running long distances as it is comfortable and protects your feet. The flexible sole of the shoe and the ability to stand firm in its tread and absorb impact from running and doing other physical activities makes this shoe the perfect choice for sports.

Designers such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok amongst many others specialise in manufacturing athletic trainers and often sponsor sporting events around the world. There are many different variations of the athletic shoes which cater specifically for the various different sports.

Variations of Athletic Trainers

Track Spikes

Track spikes are used in track and field events and they are lightweight trainers which have spikes on the end of the shoe to form a tight grip on the ground. The spikes enable the athlete to maximise their performance in sports such as running, throwing the javelin and jumping sports such as basketball. The spikes can vary in size according to the sport and there are three main types of spikes, called the pyramid, needle and compression tier spikes. Pyramid spikes are cone shaped and have a sharp end that stick to the ground. Needle spikes also have a sharp point, however they are much thinner. Compression spikes lessen the impact of the track that the trainer encounters by absorbing the force. Track spike manufacturers include Nike, Adidas, Puma and AG.

Racing Flat Trainers

Racing flat trainers are lightweight athletic trainers designed for a long distance cross country, road races and track and field events. Racing flat trainers are different from normal training shoes and they are a durable type of racing trainers. Racing flats do not have a heal and therefore enable the athlete to have increased foot to ground power, less pressure of weight on the shoe and allow the runner to race more efficiently at a faster pace. Racing flats differ from track spikes as there are no spikes in the shoe at all and they do not have an aggressive impact on the ground.

Football Boots

Football boot trainers are designed for football played on grass pitches and they have studs on the bottom which aid in the grip to the ground. Adidas were the first brand to introduce football boots for the sport of football and continue to manufacture it. There are also astro trainers that can be used when playing sports. These have stoods but to a much lesser degree, in order to optimise performance when playing on a surface that is basically mimicking a grass surface.

Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are specifically designed for rock climbing and are composed of little padding, a soft rubber sole and a close fit. Most climbing shoes cannot be worn for running, walking or hiking because they are extremely specialised for the movement of climbing.

The variations of athletic trainers vary from sport to sport but it is recommended that you ensure you wear the correct footwear while participating in any sport.

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