Video Motion Analysis? : Sports Injury Prevention

Video motion analysis is used by sports professionals, athletes and coaches to gather information by using digital movie cameras to capture moving images and then using software which allows the captured images to be analysed frame by frame. In the case of individual sports men and teams video motion analysis can assess the performance of speed and acceleration and measure body movements and the activity of the muscles.

Objective of Video Motion Analysis

The objective of video motion analysis in sports is not only to assess performance but also to expose potential tactical information for example analysing an opposing teams patterns of play would give increased advantage to plan your tactics in a game of football or basketball.

Process of Video Motion Analysis

The process of video motion analysis is that a tripod is used to mouth a video digital camera, a person or moving object would be filmed with a scale in full view of the digital camera. The video motion analysis software will then process the information recorded by the moving object or person and then give the data in the form of the time between frames and movement and the timed data. The data from the video motion analysis will be recorded in real time values enabling a person to get accurate measurements.

Video Motion Analysis Software and Purposes

There are many video motion analysis software available to buy online by commercial sports companies that offer packages for real time analysis or frame by frame video motion analysis. Free video motion analysis software can also be downloaded from the internet, however they could be relatively old and it is recommended that professional software be bought in order to get the best results.

An expensive yet professional video motion analysis which can monitor a players movement and patterns is Amisco and Prozone. Both Amisco and Prozone offer sports athletes and teams to be tagged and monitored so that at the end of a game they can replay an individual player’s performance and see and patterns or trends. The video motion analysis software of Amisco and Prozone are mainly used with reputable big stadium based games and is becoming increasingly popular in tracking a sporting person’s performance.

Other video motion analysis systems include Focus X2 and Sports code which allow a team’s performance to be assessed and the results to be issued immediately. However with Focus X2 and Sports code systems the sporting team members would have to be in house as this system would not work in a stadium or live game play. There are many other specific video motion analysis systems available that target specific performance areas and can analyse a performance while the live match is being played on ground.

Video motion analysis is an excellent option for those who want to keep a check of their performance and gain advantages over an opposing team by analysing patterns and trends in their opposition. Video motion analysis also enables a person to better themselves in giving their best performance and prevents them from making mistakes when it comes to an important game.

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