Sports Injury Treatment

There is a variety of sports injury treatments available that can either be done at home or prescribed by a qualified Doctor. Treatments are often diagnosed by the extent and severity of an injury and quite often sports injury treatments can be done at home.

The range of treatments

Cold pack treatments such as ice packs and cold wraps which can be bought from the pharmacy are beneficial in providing immediate relief to the injured area and may be used in soft tissue areas and rehabilitation. Heat treatments can come in the form of heat pads, medicated deep heat creams or even hot water bottles however heat treatment should never be used as an immediate form of pain relief as it can make any blood loss worsen. It is recommended that heat treatments be used 48 hours after an injury has taken place and ice be used right away if there is bleeding.

Pain relief and analgesic drugs offer pain relief and can be often be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy. Pain relief medication can be in the form of Paracetamol and Ibroprufen and both offer to control and alleviate pain.

Immobilisation treatment helps to prevent the injured area from moving and consequently becoming any worse. This treatment involves using a splint, cast or leg immobiliser which could be given to you by your doctor or pharmacy. This treatment allows the blood supply to flow easily and reduces inflammation of the affected injured area.

Compression treatment is used to reduce swelling and inflammation of the injured area and is usually done by using a bandage wrap. The bandage wrap compresses the injured area reducing the swelling.

Cortisone injections are a synthetically made and are similar to the cortisone which is made naturally by the adrenaline gland in our body. Cortisone injections can only be used to reduce inflammation and can remove any fluid which needs removing from the affected area.

Some severe injuries may require a specialised form of surgery and there is a variety of surgery options that you can explore on this site depending on the extent of your injury.

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