Pain Relief & Immobilisation : Sports Injury Treatment

Pain Relief (Analgesics)

An analgesic means a pain killer which is a medicated drug used to reduce pain such as Paracetamol and anti inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen. Pain may be described as an unpleasant sensory feeling that may affect a person both mentally and physically. Controlling pain is a part of a Doctor’s everyday life as they have to diagnose whether a patient is experiencing acute or chronic pain. It is inevitable that in every sport participants will get injured at some point and therefore pain relief may be necessary in helping to control and alleviate pain.

The level of pain experienced by a person determines what type of pain relief they need. Medical professionals use the analgesic ladder to determine the appropriate drug and correct usage. If the injury is small and the doctor feels that the pain can be alleviated quickly non opioid analgesics such as Paracetamol may be prescribed. The second stage of the analgesic ladder is categorised by a mild analgesic pain relief drugs if the doctor feels that the injury needs a higher dosage of medication. Therefore medication such as Codeine will be prescribed as it is an effective pain relief drug. The third stage of the analgesic ladder is to give strong medication for severe pain.

Immobilisation Treatment

Immobilisation treatment is used in sports injuries to keep the injured area from moving and becoming worse. Immobilisation treatment uses slings, splints, casts and leg immobilisers to ensure that prevention is undertaken so that the injured area does not become more damaged. The treatment allows the blood supply to flow easily into the injured area and reduces pain, swelling and muscle spasm. Splints and casts support and protect the injured bones as well as protecting the soft tissue. Slings are use to immobilise the upper part of the body which includes immobilising the arms and shoulders. Leg immobilisers protect the knee and prevent it from bending after an injury.

Cortisone Injections

A cortisone injection is made up from steroids that are produced naturally by the adrenaline gland in our body. When cortisone is realised the body undergoes stress. Cortisone injections are made synthetically and injected into the injured inflamed area. Cortisone injections can help and act effectively for a longer period of time. Cortisone injections are very powerful in intensity and cannot be taken as a normal pain relief drug as it only treats the inflammation and not the pain. The cortisone injection can be given directly on the sore area of inflammation and the injection provides a mean of getting more dosage of medication upon the afflicted areas. The cortisone injection can be slightly painful however it may be necessary when there is increased inflammation on the injured area. The cortisone injection can be performed using a small needle however a larger needle may be needed if fluid needs to be removed through the cortisone. You are allowed to take the injection more than once.

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