Adults with autism

This section looks at the various forms of help available to adults with autism. This means access to a range of services which are designed to enable them to live independently or with minimal assistance.

The type and range of help they need will depend upon where they appear on the autistic spectrum. Someone with a mild form of autism will only require a small amount of help but a person with severe autism may require 24 hour care.

So what does the autistic adult require?

This is help and advice about the following:

Each of these is discussed in separate sections.

Many of these issues are problematic for people without any form of disability so imagine how complex they must appear to someone with an autistic spectrum disorder.

Dealing with finances, finding out what social security benefits they are entitled to, finding a place of their own and looking for a job are potentially stressful issues in their own right. They can be complex, time consuming affairs which are mired in layers of bureaucracy that are difficult for anyone to understand.

This is even worse for someone with autism. So, they will require help and support in these areas and any other aspect of day to day life. Life itself can be complex and this is certainly the case for anyone with autism.

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