Private assessment

This is an option for parents of a child who has been referred to multi-disciplinary team which specialises in autistic spectrum disorder.

This referral includes an ASD assessment but there is the option to pay for this assessment which means less of a wait. This is the main reason why parents choose to pay for this procedure.

How does a private assessment cost?

This is the main question asked by parents but the simple answer is that the costs can vary. This is due to a variety of factors such as the reputation and experience of the consultant psychologist/psychiatrist, location, individual processes and any follow up services.

As with anything, it is a good idea to phone several places to find out what they charge for a private assessment. Try a few private autism clinics or diagnostic centres to see what their prices are and what this does (and does not) include.

Will a private assessment be accepted by local authorities?

There are a range of services for managing autism which are provided by local authorities which include behavioural techniques (interventions), social skills and educational services.

These are usually provided once someone has been referred by their GP and multi-disciplinary team.

But there have been situations where a private diagnosis has not been accepted by a local authority which can cause problems for you. So, you need to consider this before making a decision about whether to undergo a private assessment or not.

It may be preferable to have a NHS referral instead which will mean a waiting period but would avoid any difficulties such as this.

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