Airline Incident Helps Film Maker Lose Weight-6376

March 21st, 2011
Airline Incident Helps Film Maker Lose Weight-6376

Kevin Smith, a well known film maker told a TV interviewer that an incident at an airline helped him decide to lose weight.

Apparently, when Mr. Smith tried to sit in his seat on a Southwest Airlines plane, a steward asked him to get off, although the person didn’t give an explanation. Kevin Smith said: “They pulled me off the plane even though I was fitting in it for a reason they still to this day never made clear.”

He added: “What frustrated me more than anything in the world was I felt like nobody told the real story. The real story was I was a consumer that a company effed with poorly and without good reason and I spoke up about it.

“That to me is the story. But to everyone else it was, ‘Fat guy in a little chair,’”

Kevin Smith admitted that he had been overweight all his life, but the incident made him start thinking about it in a way he hadn’t before. Consequently, he resolved to lose 65 pounds. He told the interviewer Joy Behar his weight has been “yo-yoing all his life,” but nothing worked. However he was determined this time to lose it.

During the interview, Joy Behar suggested Kevin remove his glasses and show everyone how handsome he was now he’d lost weight. Predictably, Kevin refused saying: “I’m not gorgeous. I’m a 40-year-old man. I’m all doughy.

“I feel mixed feelings about losing the weight. I sympathize far more with heavier people than I ever will with thin [people]. I’ll never be thin.

“Let’s be honest, I’ve lost 65 lbs, but no one’s going to wanna sleep with you!’

“They’re just like, ‘Keep going, you look better, keep going.'”

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