Can You Go Just Too Far With Plastic Surgery?-7144

February 11th, 2013
Can You Go Just Too Far With Plastic Surgery?-7144

Going under the knife has become as much of a fashion statement as wearing clothes for some individuals.

However, has this obsession with looking as beautiful as possible, just gone too far? For some it probably has.

For instance, one man in North America has paid out a staggering £60,000 so far to improve his looks. However, even he now believes that he looks more like Ken, the boyfriend of Barbie, the well-known plastic toy.

The 32 year old New Yorker who became obsessed with going under the knife at just 14, told reporters that he has had operations on almost every part of the body that can be operated on. He added that he had customised his whole body and face, but still yearned for more surgery.

He added: “Just like girls get butt implants to look like Kim Kardashian or pump their lips to look like Angelina Jolie, I’m trying to reach the male version of perfection, which to me is the Ken doll.

“And now, after $100,000 of plastic surgery, I’ve become just as plastic as the doll itself.”

But like all obsessions, this particular person knows that what he is doing goes beyond normal, yet he still says he wants more work done.

It is often forgotten though that cosmetic surgery is a medical procedure that has its modern origins in trying to improve the appearance of a person after a major operation. In short, it is supposed to be about improving the confidence of a person and not a fashion accessory.

Another valid reason that should not be discounted is that while people like the above-mentioned New Yorker are desperate to create perfection, in reality that is impossible.

Yet, this fact doesn’t seem to bother Justin who added that he detested school because he would get bullied about the way that he looked. As time went on, he said that he became determined to change every last bit of himself.

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