Celebrities Giving Up On Botox-2779

February 9th, 2011
Celebrities Giving Up On Botox-2779

It seems Botox is fast losing its appeal, amongst celebrities at least. And the reason? Over indulgence.

Nicole Kidman recently admitted (after years of denying it) that she had had Botox treatment on many occasions. However she also felt she had had enough. And she isn’t alone. Many female celebrities are now moving away believing they have over botoxed. Others feel it doesn’t improve their ‘look’. Jennifer Aniston for instance recently told reporters: “I tried Botox once and it was not good. It makes women look older. Harder. The warmth in their faces goes away . . . You see women and you know they’re not young, but you can’t tell how old they are.”

Similarly, Amanda Holden said: “I haven’t had Botox for eight or nine months. It puts me off when I see people in LA. Everyone looks the same and it’s quite grotesque.”

As for Nicole Kidman, she told reporters: “I’ve tried a lot of things, but apart from working out and a good diet, most things don’t help.”

She added:  “I even tried Botox, but I didn’t like how my face looked afterwards. Now I don’t use it any more — and I can move my forehead again.”

Botox treatment has been around for many years now. It’s generally used for removing lines and wrinkles under the eyes or on the forehead. Based on the bacterium botulism, a small amount is injected into the muscle which in turn momentarily freezes that part of the face. After a period of treatment the wrinkles disappear. However they do eventually return so more Botox treatment is needed.

Very often, once ordinary people get wind of what their favourite celebrities are doing, they follow suit. Could this spell the end of Botox?

Probably not.

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