Celebrities Speak Out About Hair Loss-4713

February 14th, 2011
Celebrities Speak Out About Hair Loss-4713

With one in four men starting to lose hair in the 20s, it is good to know that celebrities are speaking out. Many, who themselves are going bald or thin on top are increasingly looking for solutions.

For instance, actor James Nesbitt recently had a hair transplant; he told reporters: “It’s changed my life. It’s horrible going bald. Anyone who says it isn’t is lying.”

Going bald for most men has been something that they just accepted. However today, with the need to look and feel good combined with modern technological advances, men don’t have to suffer any longer.

The number of treatments available is also growing and includes hair transplants, camouflage sprays, drugs and so on, but many are quite expensive some costing as much as £10,000.

One particular treatment is follicle revival. Scientists believe that many baldness problems are not due to loss of hair roots but simply that they have ‘gone to sleep’ and need reviving. But scientists now believe they may have discovered a means of awakening them by ‘tickling’ the hair follicle stem cells, which in turn causes the latter to change into progenitor hair cells. This, the scientists believe will enable the hair to regrow.

Geneticists believe the way to help regrow hair is to switch on particular genes responsible for the formation of new hair follicles.

How far away this research is from developing practical applications is not known, but the research itself is nevertheless promising.

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