Hair Loss Alternative To Surgery-0488

January 18th, 2011
Hair Loss Alternative To Surgery-0488

Harley Street clinic in London recently said that they can offer non-surgical solutions to hair loss. While they are not applicable to all conditions this will be a welcome move for many who have hair loss problems. According to a spokesperson at the clinic, depending on the severity of the condition it might be possible to halt or even reverse the problem.

Hair loss is a difficulty which many people face, particularly men. While some accept it, others feel embarrassed.

What causes hair loss?

Scientists believe one of the reasons is a chemical imbalance, which can now be diagnosed. As such, Harley Street clinic believes any hair loss diagnosed, as being caused by such chemical problems, can be medically treated rather than the patient having to go through the trauma of hair implants.

One of the chemicals in question is an over production of a single antigen called DHT which is a mutated form of the male hormone testosterone. The treatment on offer by the clinic involves inhibiting the production of DHT, thus stopping further hair loss. If DHT is the problem of a patient’s hair loss, the clinic can advise on a course of treatment, which they say is cheap, non intrusive and isn’t painful. The clinic also says that they almost guarantee success.

For those who are sceptical, it is helpful to know that Harley Street clinic who are offering this new innovative treatment for hair loss is one of the UK’s oldest research and treatment clinics. Interestingly, the clinic also offers a free online consultation with trained professionals.

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